What are we doing?

Teverse is a game creation platform built for creators by the community. The whole platform is going to be built around the Teverse Engine. Since we're making a good game engine, it takes a lot of work and time.

Web Api

View our web api docs here.

Scripting Language

Our primary scripting language is Lua, an easy to learn language that's perfect for game development. Teverse uses a modified super fast and sandboxed version of Lua 5.1 to protect developers and users of the game.

Later on in development of our platform, we will seriously consider adding more languages.

Our current Lua API can be found here.

Scripting Tutorials

Learning how to code is important, click here for our tutorial page.


We're making our own custom engine for developers like you to create fantastic games. Graphics is an integral part of any game, so we're determined to give you the power over how your game looks.

Advanced features such as shadow mapping and custom bump textures will be handed directly over to our developers, which means the developers have finer controls over the looks.


We're working on a lot of different things for our engine, the graphics you see may not reflect our end goals yet.