Logs started June 25, 2018

The following is a detailed history of updates to the Teverse platform. The log is updated regularly to ensure all users are aware of the changes on the platform.

December 14, 2018

  • lua added property guiImage.imageColour
  • lua removed property guiImage.backgroundColour

November 27, 2018

  • lua created light class.
    • added property light.diffuseColour.
    • added property light.direction.
    • added property light.falloff.
    • added property light.id.
    • added proprty light.position.
    • added property light.shadows.
    • added property light.shadowFarClip.
    • added property light.shadowFarDistance.
    • added property light.shadowNearClip.
    • added property light.specularColour.
    • added property light.type
  • lua added enum lightType.

November 9

  • Server prioritization enabled. Developers can select where they want their servers based for latency purposes. By default, an algorithm will be used to create the servers as close to the game's players as possible.

November 2

  • lua added property gui.cropChildren.
  • lua added property gui.draggable.

12th October

14th September

  • lua created guiMenuBarItem class
  • lua created guiMenuBar class
    • added function guiMenuBar:createItem(string name)
  • lua created workshop class
    • added property workshop.interface [readonly]
    • added function workshop:filePrompt()
  • lua created guiCoord class
    • added function guiCoord:getScreenPosition()

28th August

  • New Tutorial: Base Camera
  • lua added property block.opacity

17th August

  • Introducing the vector2 class. It takes 2 arguments, an X and a Y point.
  • New mouse events can be found under engine.input: mouseLeftPressed, mouseLeftReleased, mouseMiddlePressed, mouseMiddleReleased, mouseMoved, mouseRightPressed, and mouseRightReleased.

16th August

15th August

  • Added quaternions to Lua API, and replaced rotations with them rather than eular vectors. This is bigger and more impressive than it sounds.
  • Deleted vec3 page from the wiki
  • Improved memory usuage on client and server (by alot)

14th August

  • Client side improvements with camera and other clientScripts

13th August

  • Lua wait() improved. Using wait() without a parameter will now only wait one "step", rather than 1/60th of a second.

7th-10th August

  • API additions

6th August

  • Event system improvements
  • Added serverStarted and serverShutdown to engine.networking
  • lua added events serverStarted and serverShutdown
  • input system upgrades

3rd August

  • Early beta testing officially started.
  • Server no longer replicates game to unauthenticated clients

30th July - 2nd August

  • General improvements to infrastructure including distribution of games.

29th July

  • Linux supported now
  • Server made more scalable, base of cloud based deployment created.

26th July

  • Authentication Improvements
  • Client side full screen bug fix
  • Security improvements

16th July

  • Character Controller
  • Implemented engine.players on lua-side
  • Implemented player
  • Implemented base event system
  • Added following events

13th July

  • server side improvements
  • documented character

12th July


11th July

  • client scripts core start

10th July

  • performance enhancements

9th July

  • Fixed http bugs

6th July

  • revamped Http systems
  • new player backend
  • security improvements

5th July

  • bug fixes
  • server/client authentication improvements

4th July

  • Bug fixes on client and server
  • Instances such as blocks are no longer replicated to clients before they are parented to workspace.
  • Server shutdown added when player count reaches 0

3rd July

  • Added lua support to servers
  • Server has full authority over the game. (no no to cheaters)
  • added engine.networking

2nd July

  • Happy July!
  • Scrapped 4th generation server system
  • 5th Generation Server begun
  • added engine.isServer
    • "client" and "server" scripts first referenced

29th June

  • bug fixes
  • lua
    • edits to block class
      • added bool anchored
    • added engine.players

28th June

  • you guessed it, more improvements to the base class system
  • math.randomseed is set automatically, math.random is now random by default!
  • added Restricted variables
  • implemented the id system
  • general improvements

27th June

  • just wiki updates
  • added method bool :isContainer() on baseclass
  • added integer id to baseclass
  • updates to the base class system

26th June

  • improved lua base class system
    • connected core variables to inner engine system

25th June

  • lua added class system
  • lua created workspace class
  • lua created workspace global variable (engine.workspace)
  • lua created children on base class
  • lua created parent on base class
  • lua created block class
    • added colour colour
    • added vector3 position
    • added vector3 size
    • added vector3 rotation
  • lua created vector3 class
    • added x,y,z
    • added add,sub,mul,div,eq,unm support
    • added vector3(x,y,z) initialiser
    • added vector3( int ) initialiser
      • vector3(1) == vector3(1,1,1)
  • lua created colour class
    • added r,g,b
    • added add,sub,mul,div,eq,unm support
    • added colour(r,g,b) initialiser
    • added colour( int ) initialiser
      • colour(1) == colour(1,1,1)

24th June

  • lua removed engine.create
  • lua removed old class system
  • lua deleted vec3, colour and existing block class